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Copyright Information

We want people to share information about The United States Academic Decathlon®. Information such as program dates, names of state directors and USAD Board of Directors, program eligibility requirements, lists of our available products and other non-copyrighted material may be reproduced and shared with others. However, no part of our copyrighted materials (see listing of "Program Materials") may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical—including photocopying and recording—or by any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from USAD. Please also see our Electronic Materials License Agreement.

When in doubt...ASK!

USAD is a nonprofit organization, and we depend on sales of our materials to support the program's testing, materials development, national competition, scholarship funds, and administration. Unauthorized copying of materials is not only a violation of copyright law, but it also reduces our resources for running and improving the Academic Decathlon®. No USAD staff or board member personally profits from the sales of our materials, but Academic Decathletes all over the country do! Please don't shortchange them by reproducing USAD materials without permission.

United States Academic Decathlon®, U.S.A.D, USAD, Academic Decathlon®, U.S. Academic Decathlon®, and Super Quiz™ are trademarks of the United States Academic Decathlon® Association and may not be used in any way for commercial purposes without the express written permission of USAD. All rights reserved.