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Due to continued grading issues in many schools and districts caused by the pandemic, GPAs for the 2021-2022 competition season will be calculated in accordance with the following:  

  • GPAs will be based on one academic year of calculable grades (letter and/or numerical grades and not pass/fail), not two years as in the past.   
  • Terms without calculable grades cannot be used.  
  • GPA forms should represent a full-time student (four or more class periods that are Academic Decathlon acceptable) with calculable grades.    
  • Grades used from the 2019-2020 academic year, including summer grades, must be calculated in the same way they were calculated for the 2020-2021 competition season.   
  • Finding 12 months of calculable grades may require using graded terms from a year or two before the pandemic.   
  • The 12 months of calculable grades may be separated by non-calculable terms (i.e. there may be a term or terms not used chronologically in the middle of the terms used).
  • Summer courses do not need to meet the minimum requirement of 4 Academic Decathlon acceptable courses to be included. Acceptable summer courses cannot be included to the previous Spring or Fall term to meet the minimum of 4 Academic Decathlon acceptable courses for that term.

Academic Decathlon teams are made up of three Honor students, three Scholastic students, and three Varsity students in accordance with the following grade point average definitions:

Honor: 3.80 – 4.00 GPA

Scholastic: 3.20 – 3.799 GPA

Varsity: 0.00 – 3.199 GPA

Contestants may compete in a higher division than their own grade point average category but not in a lower division.

Additional information is available at the Eligibility Guidelines page.

Please refer to the following documents when calculating GPAs for the Academic Decathlon.

2021–2022 Acceptable Courses for GPA Calculation (PDF)

2021–2022 GPA Calculation Instructions (PDF)

2021–2022 GPA Calculation Training (PDF)

2021–2022 GPA Calculation Worksheet (Excel)

2021–2022 GPA Calculation Worksheet Sample- 11th Grade (PDF)

2021–2022 GPA Calculation Worksheet Sample- 9th Grade Full Year Grades (PDF)