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Academic Decathlon teams are made up of three Honor students, three Scholastic students, and three Varsity students in accordance with the following grade point average definitions:

Honor: 3.750 – 4.00 GPA

Scholastic: 3.00 – 3.749 GPA

Varsity: 0.00 – 2.999 GPA

Contestants may compete in a higher division than their own grade point average category but not in a lower division.

Additional information is available at the Eligibility Guidelines page.

Please refer to the following documents when calculating GPAs for the Academic Decathlon.

2018–2019 Acceptable Courses for GPA Calculation (PDF)

2018–2019 GPA Calculation Instructions (PDF)

2018–2019 GPA Calculation Training (PDF)

2018–2019 GPA Calculation Worksheet (Excel)

2018–2019 GPA Calculation Worksheet Sample (Excel)