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Event Management & Scoring Software

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Apperson Advantage Scanners

USAD members may purchase Apperson Advantage scanners (at a discounted rate) and order forms and supplies through the following website.
Access is:
Account # = 789364
Billing Zip = 56002
Scantron Forms
USAD has approved four Scantron forms for use with this software:
1. F-14159-USAD-L (Test Answer) Cut Sheets, 4.25 x11 (per 500/pkg—2 test forms per sheet-1000 test forms total)
2. F-14103-USAD-L (Speech) Cut Sheets, 8.5 x11 (per 500/pkg) 
3. F-13705-USAD-L (Interview) Cut Sheets, 8.5x11 (per 500/pkg) 
4. F-17052-USAD-L (Essay) Cut Sheets, 8.5x11 (per 500/pkg)
Forms can be used with any 48-channel Scantron OMR scanner.
Scantron contacts for any form and/or scanner order:
Customer Service: 800-722-6876
Order USAD Scantron forms here:
USAD and Scantron are currently negotiating competitive prices for members, for all forms and hardware. For a description of current models, visit them online at